November 7-9, 2022 | Atlanta, GA U.S.

IASS 2022 in Atlanta Georgia

International Air Safety Summit 2022 Speakers

Billy Nolen - IASS 2022 Keynote Speaker

Mr. Billy Nolen

Administrator (Acting), U.S. Federal Aviation Administration

Ed Bastian IASS 2022 Keynote speaker
Mr. Ed Bastian

Chief Executive Officer, Delta Air Lines

Mr. Aaron Katz
National Human Performance Representative, National Air Traffic Controllers Association NATCA
Mr. Anthony Schneider

Executive Director, the Air Traffic Safety Oversight Service, U.S. Federal Aviation Administration

Dr. Barbara Holder

Associate Professor and Presidential Fellow, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University

IASS 2023 Speaker in Paris
Ms. Bobbi Wells

VP, Safety Systems, Efficiency & Compliance, American Airlines and FSF Board Chair

Mr. Brandon Roberts

Executive Director, Rulemaking, U.S. Federal Aviation Administration

Mr. Cengiz Turkoglu

Senior Lecturer in Safety Engineering, Centre for Safety and Accident Investigation, Cranfield University
Mr. Christopher McGregor

Flight Safety Officer, ATR

Mr. Conor French

Chief Regulatory Officer, Zipline
IASS 2023 Speaker in Paris
Capt. Conor Nolan

Director, Safety and Security, Aer Lingus, and Chair, Board of Governors, Flight Safety Foundation

Mr. Craig Hoskins
Vice President of Safety, Security and Technical Affairs Airbus Americas
Mr. Dai Whittingham
Dai Whittingham – Flight Safety Foundation European Advisory Committee Vice Chair  
Mr. Daniel Acquah
Director-General, Ghana Civil Aviation Authority
Mr. David Carbon
 Vice President, Prime Air, Amazon

Mr. David Garrison 

 Senior Vice President of Corporate Safety, Security, and Compliance, Delta Air Lines

Mr. David Huntzinger

Safety SME, Laminaar Aviation Infotech Americas

Ms. Deborah Kirkman

Board of directors, Flight Safety Foundation


Mr. Eric Bergesen

Director of Operations, UPS Flight Forward

Ms. Elizabeth Mathews

Assistant Professor of Aerospace and Occupational Safety, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University

Mr. Franklin McIntosh

Vice President, Safety & Technical Training, U.S. Federal Aviation Administration

Mr. Fred Calvert

Director, Safety Assurance, Executive Jet Management
Mr. Fred Lopez

 Head of UPS Flight Forward

Mr. Gerard van Es

Netherlands Aerospace Centre NLR 

Mr. Gerardo Hueto

US CAST, Government Co-Chair, PARSAT, FAA

Mr. Gilberto Lopez Meyer

Senior Vice President, Corporate Safety, Security, and Compliance, Korean Air

Dr. Hassan Shahidi

President and CEO, Flight Safety Foundation

Capt. Helena Cunningham
Director of SMS, Air Line Pilots Association International

Mr. Henry Gourdji

Director, Safety Strategy and Policy, Flight Safety Foundation

Capt. Hovav Ben-David

Vice President Operations, El Al Israel airlines  

Capt. John Deleeuw
 Managing Director Safety and Efficiency, American Airlines
Dr. Jon Holbrook

Human Factors Discipline Deputy for the NASA Engineering and Safety Center, National Aeronautics and Space Administration

Mr. Joshua Jackson

Training and Simulation Group (AFS–280), U.S. Federal Aviation Administration

Dr. Julia Behrend

Head of Safety Innovation & Human Performance, Air France

Mr. Luke Bowman

Senior Product Director GE Digital, Aviation Software

Mr. Mark Millam

Technical Programs and Events, Flight Safety Foundation

Mr. Marko Rados

CEO, Inxelo Technologies 

Dr. Martin Smith

CEO/Co-Founder, Presage Group Inc.

Mr. Mike Poole

CEO, Plane Sciences  

Capt. Pascal Kremer
Flight Safety Foundation European Advisory Committee Chair
Mr. Piyush Gandhi
Vice President, Operations and Business Development, Presage Group Inc. 
Mr. Robert Rufli

Director of Operations, Air Charter Safety Foundation 

Mr. Santiago Saltos

Regional Safety Director, Airbus

Mr. Sonnie Bates
Mr. Stephanie Moore
Human Performance Manager, American Airlines

Capt. Steve Jangelis

Boeing 757/767 Captain, Delta Air Lines, Industry Co-Chair for FAA Aviation Safety Information Analysis and Sharing (ASIAS) 

Mr. Tzvetomir Blajev

Director, Europe and Global Operational Safety, Flight Safety Foundation 

Capt. Vincent Durel

Captain B737NG, Flight Data Monitoring Expert, Flight Safety Officer, Transavia

Virginio Corrieri - IASS 2022 Speaker
Mr. Virginio Corrieri

Head of Operations, Safety and Security, Latin American and Caribbean Air Transport Association, ALTA

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