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“For nearly 80 years, the Foundation has been a leading force in aviation safety around the world. Our work is made possible by our members. Join today to help ensure that the Foundation remains the authoritative voice on all matters pertaining to aviation safety.”

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Our Pledge to Our Members

At Flight Safety Foundation, we prioritize the delivery of exceptional value to our members. With our unparalleled access to global safety intelligence, thought leadership, networking opportunities, global influence, and tailored support, you can trust us to empower you with the tools, knowledge and connections you need to continually enhance safety within your organization and contribute to a safer aviation industry worldwide.

As a member of Flight Safety Foundation, you have:

  • Unparalleled access to global safety intelligence: As a Flight Safety Foundation member, you have enhanced access to the Aviation Safety Network, an electronic repository of comprehensive, global accident information. Stay informed about worldwide safety trends, learn from past incidents and leverage accurate data to enhance your organization’s safety practices.
  • Access to cutting-edge thought leadership and expertise: The Foundation is dedicated to advancing aviation safety through rigorous research, analysis and thought leadership. As a member, you receive thought-provoking insights, reports, publications and safety guidelines that keep you at the forefront of industry best practices and equip you with the knowledge to make informed decisions.
  • Opportunity for high-impact networking and collaboration: Join a diverse community of aviation professionals, regulators, manufacturers and operators who share a common goal: promoting safety worldwide. Engage in collaborative projects, participate in working groups, attend our summits, conferences and events, where you can connect with industry leaders, exchange knowledge and build invaluable relationships that drive safety improvements.
  • Global influence and advocacy: Flight Safety Foundation serves as a prominent voice for aviation safety globally. As a member of the Foundation, you are an integral part of our advocacy efforts to promote safety standards, shape policies and drive positive change in the industry. Make your voice heard, contribute to safety initiatives and influence the future of aviation safety at an international level.
  • Tailored support for safety enhancement: We understand that each member has unique safety challenges and requirements. That’s why we offer personalized support tailored to your organization’s needs. Benefit from customized safety training programs, expert services and access to specialized resources that empower you to address specific safety concerns effectively and efficiently.

Support the cause of aviation safety by donating today.

Thousands of people are alive today as a direct result of the work done by aviation safety professionals around the world.

Flight Safety Foundation is the only non-profit organization whose sole purpose is to provide impartial, independent, expert safety guidance and resources for the commercial and business aviation industry worldwide.

Like so many non-profits, we depend heavily on our membership dues to fund our safety efforts, but we also need your help through regular donations!

At a time of constrained resources, increased regulation and unprecedented scrutiny, the aviation industry’s survival depends on safe operations. Practices for safe operations are researched, initiated, and actively publicized and distributed by the Flight Safety Foundation.

However, there is always more to be done. This job is never “complete.”

Please consider a gift to the Flight Safety Foundation. Your charitable contribution will pay off in advancing global aviation safety and you will have the satisfaction of giving back to the community that you belong to—a community that plays a key role in saving lives every day.

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