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“For more than 70 years, the Foundation has been the leading voice for aviation safety around the world.
No other organization has aviation safety advocacy and advancement as its sole mission.
I ask you to join the cause and support the initiatives that can help save lives.”

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Thanks to concerned individuals like you, aviation has made great strides in ensuring safety in a 24/7, global environment. Much work, however, remains to be done. As air traffic escalates in the coming years, your voice will be critical to guard against complacency.

Members of Flight Safety Foundation help to set the agenda for the next era of aviation safety. By joining with other influential members of the aviation community, you’ll help present a strong, united voice on behalf of air safety. And you’ll simultaneously work with your peers to create the flight plan for the next era.

As a Foundation benefactor, member, and donor, you can help safeguard air traffic as it enters an era of unprecedented growth. The Foundation’s efforts are becoming increasingly proactive: gathering and sharing information from many sources to prevent accidents and incidents.

The greater the Foundation’s membership, the stronger will be its influence to collaborate on key issues and facilitate necessary changes. Together we can make sure that the Foundation remains the single most authoritative voice on all matters pertaining to aviation safety.



Support the cause of aviation safety by donating today.

Thousands of people are alive today as a direct result of the work done by aviation safety professionals around the world.

Flight Safety Foundation is the only non-profit organization whose sole purpose is to provide impartial, independent, expert safety guidance and resources for the commercial and business aviation industry worldwide.

Like so many non-profits, we depend heavily on our membership dues to fund our safety efforts, but we also need your help through regular donations!

At a time of constrained resources, increased regulation and unprecedented scrutiny, the aviation industry’s survival depends on safe operations. Practices for safe operations are researched, initiated, and actively publicized and distributed by the Flight Safety Foundation.

However, there is always more to be done. This job is never “complete.”

Please consider a gift to the Flight Safety Foundation. Your charitable contribution will pay off in advancing global aviation safety and you will have the satisfaction of giving back to the community that you belong to—a community that plays a key role in saving lives every day.

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