Thousands of people are alive today as a direct result of the work done by aviation safety professionals around the world.

Flight Safety Foundation is the only non-profit organization whose sole purpose is to provide impartial, independent, expert safety guidance and resources for the commercial and business aviation industry worldwide.

Like so many non-profits, we depend heavily on our membership dues to fund our safety efforts, but we also need your help through regular donations!

At a time of constrained resources, increased regulation and unprecedented scrutiny, the aviation industry’s survival depends on safe operations. Practices for safe operations are researched, initiated, and actively publicized and distributed by the Flight Safety Foundation.

However, there is always more to be done. This job is never “complete.”

Please consider a gift to the Flight Safety Foundation. Your charitable contribution will pay off in advancing global aviation safety and you will have the satisfaction of giving back to the community that you belong to—a community that plays a key role in saving lives every day.

Your gift will be used to fund the Foundation’s full range of aviation safety programs, which in turn, help save lives.

    • MAIL:  Checks payable to the Flight Safety Foundation – 1920 Ballenger Ave., 4th Floor, Alexandria, VA 22314
    • PHONE:  If you would like to donate directly to us using a credit card, we can take that information over the phone at +1.703. 739. 6700, ext. 102.
    • ENDOWMENT DONATIONS:  Endowment donations may be made in a number of ways. The principal amount of the endowment cannot be spent, rather, the fund’s investment income is used to support FSF programs and activities. You can even specify which Foundation programs you would like your donation to support. 


It is because of donors like you that we have been able to fulfill our mission of enhancing global flight safety and promoting best practices within the aviation industry for over 75 years!

Stripe Payments

For more information contact Ms. Ahlam Wahdan or phone +1.703.739.6700, ext. 102.