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Controlled Flight Into Terrain (CFIT), Cover Story, Safety Culture

‘Bend the Rules’

Company attitudes about operating in Alaska were cited in the NTSB report on the fatal crash of a sightseeing flight.

Issue Highlights

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Causal Factors

One Down, One to Go

An MD-83 flight crew pressed on after one engine lost power en route, only to lose the other engine on approach.

Traffic Control

Public or Private?

U.S. lawmakers mull transferring ATC operations to nonprofit board.

Safety Regulation

New Push for SMS

Canadian lawmakers say regulatory compliance inspections also are crucial.


Keeping Score

EASA data assign greatest risk to runway excursions.

Foundation Focus

Recognizing Safety Advances of the Past — and Present

This year, Flight Safety Foundation is celebrating its 70th anniversary, so we have spent a…

Safety Briefs

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Safety Calendar

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